"One of the highest forms of spiritual practice is self-observation with compassion."
-Swami Kripalu

The sanskrit word kripalu means compassion.  Kripalu Yoga is a way of living that encourages you to compassionately embrace life in this moment right now.  Through the practice of Kripalu Yoga, you are able to safely explore your mental, physical and emotional edges, providing you with powerful insight into your own being. For more information please visit www.Kripalu.org

* Stretch, strengthen and tone muscles.  Release chronic tension.  Relieve stress and refresh.
* Calm and center the wandering mind.  Cultivate mental clarity.  Develop inner confidence.
* Practice self-acceptance.  Honor the moment.  Explore deep inner peace.

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Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is an ancient style of meditation that has the power transform, heal, and rejuvenate the body mind and soul.  An enjoyable, easy practice, Divine Sleep is a very accessible form of yoga. all you have to do is lie down and listen as your guide leads you on a meditative journey through the multi-dimensional self.  By dissolving away the superficial layers of the self, you are free to explore and experience your true, authentic Self!


Heart-opening ~ Transforms negative thought patterns ~ Relieves stress ~ Decreases anxiety and depression ~ Helps with insomnia ~ Strengthens the immune system ~ Restores energetic balance ~ Cultivates deep self-love ~ Helps to Lower blood pressure ~ Balances the autonomic nervous system ~ Calms the mind ~ And so much more!


How Does it Work?

While resting in stillness, you are systematically guided through a visceral experience of the five layers of your being: 

1. The physical body
2. The breath
3. The lower mind (the ego)
4.  The higher mind (intuition, the witness) 
5. The bliss body

Each layer is a doorway that opens into the next level.  As we bring deep awareness to each individual layer, the coverings dissolve away, allowing us to exist simply as our true Selves.  In this state of purity and authenticity, transformative healing can occur! 

It's Foolproof!

There is no way to practice Divine Sleep incorrectly!  Whatever your experience, the practice of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra will still work - even if you fall asleep!  The deepest layers of the Self are awake and receptive, and will experience the full journey of Divine Sleep whether you consciously remember it or not!

How to Practice:

Wear comfortable clothes, and be sure to bring layers to keep warm as the body cools when in deep states of relaxation.  Bring any special blankets, pillows, or eye pillows to maximize your comfort level.  Having a journal or a pen and paper with you can be a wonderful way to integrate the experience. 

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*Jennifer Reis, founder of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra ~ for more information, visit Jennifer's website!*