Blessing #52: At the End of the Day - A Mirror of Questions

"What dreams did I create last night?
Where did my eyes linger today?
Where was I blind?
Where was I hurt
without anyone noticing?
What did I learn today?
What did I read?
What new thoughts visited me?
What differences did I notice
in those closest to me?
Whom did I neglect?
Where did I neglect myself?
What did I begin today
that might endure?
How were my conversations?

What did I do today
for the poor
and the excluded?
Did I remember the dead today?
Where could I have exposed myself to the risk
of something different?
Where did I allow myself to receive love?
With whom did I feel most myself?
What reached me today?
How did it imprint?
Who saw me today?
What visitations had I 
from the past and from the future?
What did I avoid today?
From the evidence - 
why was I given this day?"