So here it is.  My first week of really and truly have zero to offer to the blog.  I returned to the states a week ago after 3+ months of traveling in Southeast Asia.  I spent a few days in San Francisco with my amazing brother.  The 10-hour time difference was, of course, quite confusing for my body - I'm not sure I ever totally settled into SF time.  Then just a few days ago, I flew back to the east coast... a whole 'nother time zone for my body to figure out.  So right now, I'm somewhere in between 13 hours ahead of where I am, and 3 hours behind.  Hm.  I wonder if thats a metaphor for something? Ha!

But needless to say, I am pooped.  

Returning home has been a many-layered experience that I want to talk about and create art around... but I just don't have any gas left in the tank.  As always, I found inspiration and solace in the blessing for the week, but didn't have the punch to do anything with it.  

I'm looking forward to my body normalizing, and carving out some real time to sink into art this week so that come next Sunday, I'll have something more substantial to offer :) 

But for now, I'm off to dream land!