Sing To The Moon

Vespers... an evening prayer... aah, such a beautiful word...

Tenebrae... another word worthy of goosebumps.  

Tenebrae, in latin, means 'darkness' or 'shadow.'  The ceremony of Tenebrae takes place during Holy Week, and is marked by the gradual extinguishing of candles while a series of prayers are sung in the background.  I have to admit that I didn't know what Tenebrae was - I had to look it up.  But after reading a little bit about the ceremony, I couldn't get it out of my mind.  I see rows and rows of golden and orange flames, flickering softly.  Slowly, one-by-one, they each fall into blessed darkness.  This darkness isn't of some evil making, but rather something of beauty... Profound stillness and simplicity... Empty yet overflowing... 

So here is my humble prayer to the night, birthed from the heart of a coyote, the late-night folk-singer of the New England wilderness...

Once I was a Coyote
(the moon song)

Oh I sing to the moon 
And hope she's listening to me

I keep wandering off
Into the night, my heart gets so lost

So I sing to the moon
To the moon 
Are you listening? 

Up there so high
Is the melody your light?
'Cause oh its mine

Oh I sing to the moon
I know she's listening to me



... Stay tuned for a new blessing this week... only three more left to go ... <3