Nothing Unravels



"When we love another heart and allow it to love us, we journey deep below time into that eternal weave where nothing unravels."

Just *some* of the hearts I've had the joy to encounter this year <3

Just *some* of the hearts I've had the joy to encounter this year <3

I've encountered some remarkable hearts over the past three months of my life, many of which I'm quite sure I've known for lifetimes.  And there's something about these places that I have been exploring... Especially Bali... the very air seems to exist in that space that O'Donahue writes about, "deep below time... where nothing unravels."  Every inhale, I fill my lungs, my body, my heart with "that eternal weave."  Its like magic. 

One of the hearts that has come into my life this year belongs to a soul sister of mine.  She is back home now, while I still travel on... but thanks to the wonders of the internet, we've been able to have daily "chats" since she arrived back home.

Soma Souls  

Soma Souls  

She is a real inspiration for me.  I said to her the other day that I'm pretty sure we've had many lifetimes together - we were probably sisters at some point... lovers... mother and daughter... teacher and student... the moon and the stars... and we were most *definitely* two feisty little dolphin pals somewhere along the way, jumping and twisting in our happy little pod.

She's going through an incredible time in her life right now - massive shifts - transformation - stepping into her destiny - lots of rather epic happenings, to say the least.  I feel very lucky to be witnessing her emergence from the cocoon.  As I've watched her wings unfold, I have just been in awe of her ability to step back, to trust her heart, to listen to her mind, to honor her intuition, and to simply ride the divine wave of her life.  Even in the face of saying goodbye to old flames, she walks with such grace.

"Though a door may have closed between us, may we be able to view our lost friends with eyes wise with calming grace,... celebrate the gifts they brought, learn and grow from the pain, and prosper into difference, wishing them the peace where spirit can summon beauty from wounded space."

It is a courageous human that can celebrate gifts of pain.  
It is a strong human that can wish peace on those who have caused hurt.  
It is a powerful human that can summon beauty from wounded space. 

Seriously, John - these are some tall orders here. 

And yet, so simple, so true.  


I think, that underneath the stubborn, proud ego (that can often have serious trouble accepting that which cut it down)... the root of the heart, the core of the soul, is full of gratitude for all layers of life - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Experiences are simply experiences... strands to be woven lovingly into the eternal weave.  That is our true nature; we are courageous enough to celebrate pain, strong enough to wish for peace, and powerful enough summon beauty.

My art project this week (the first - and probably only - doodle on my new journal... I am pretty psyched that I used my first bit of color in my doodle this time!) is dedicated to my sweet soul sister, my dolphin-spirited, jungle-romping, crescent moon of a friend ~ she is a glowing reminder of the true nature of my heart <3