So I have got to be honest here... I read the blessing for this week... posted it... and did not internalize one single word of it.  In fact, as I read the post, the words went in my right ear, did a very frantic dance in my brain, and then happily retreated out through my left ear.  

A few days later, thinking my brain would be unfuzzled enough to handle it, I re-read the blessing.  And again it was all just a jumble of words to me.  Blah blah blah blah blah.  I just had zero interest in it.   

And I haven't gone back to it since.  

And ya know what?  I don't feel bad about it, haha.


The colors of nature

My week in Singapore has been absolutely amazing.  Meg and Mike are the most incredible hosts pretty much ever.  We've been spending lots of time eating, drinking, biking, chatting, bumboat riding (yup, there's a thing called a bumboat), scheming, hookah-ing, meandering, watching movies, laughing, and we even got some work done in between all that!   

Meg and Mike are the owners of an incredible documentary film company that they founded together, called Persistent Productions.  Their work takes them on fascinating shoots all over the world, from Vancouver to Bhutan - and everywhere in between and beyond and above and below.  It has been a real joy to watch them work this week.  They have been on fire... preparing for upcoming projects, planning, hashing out website design, negotiating different time zones, jet-setting clients, and meeting after meeting after meeting.  And somehow, through all of the insanity, they still love each other!!  From their perspective, they probably think I'm a bit crazy for enjoying being a fly on the wall of their world this week... but for me, it has been nothing short of amazing!  

These two are pretty remarkable human beings - I'm so glad to have been able to reconnect with them! <3

But back to the blessing... the one teensy element of the blessing that stuck with me this week was the word "intention."   

Intention is a word I like to throw around quite a bit.  The word feels good in my mouth.  It sounds good when said articulately.  Its just an all-around, pretty great word, and I enjoy  having in my vocabulary.   

The colors of nature and man

Over the past month and a half of traveling, I have created a whole slew of intentions... intentions for the rest of my trip, intentions for when I get back to the states, intentions for 2014, intentions for LIFE!  Haha, well maybe not that epic.  But you get the idea.  For me, these intentions are more like mindsets... sure many of them are rooted in some kind of concrete thing or action... but I guess I think of them more as layers of goodness that I would like to include in my life... layers of goodness that would make me even more ME.   

I suppose they're a little bit like resolutions.  But for some reason, they feel more important, more real than a New Years resolution.  Whatever they are, I like them.  They invigorate me and get me excited about life - whether its my intention to get up on a surf board in Bali (preferably with a devastatingly sexy surf instructor close by), or my intention to use coconut oil in my cooking more often once I'm back home - these intentions really pump me up.  

The Smith family?

I started writing this blog last spring with the intention of reawakening my awareness of blessings... I wanted to open my eyes and remind myself that life really is amazing, even when the skies are murky and grey.  In addition, I wanted to see what crazy art projects my body, heart and spirit could come up with when my eyes were so wide open.  

Okay, so I just went back to the blessing mid blog-writing session.  I didn't re-read it per se... but I did skim it... and out popped the following words...   

"...the intention of blessing corresponds with the deepest desire of reality for creativity, healing, and wholesomeness."

I don't know if my real intention with this blog was to heal... I certainly hoped that it would help the process along... Does hope count as an intention?  I'm not sure.  But I can remember feeling a deep desire (to use O'Donahue's words) for creative expression... it was a desire that didn't even feel like my own.  It felt like it was born somewhere else and then set fire in my chest.  I mean, clearly it was *my* desire... but maybe just because it was so foreign to me, thats what why it didn't feel like it belonged to me.  But whatever it was, wherever it came from, there was no denying its strength.  So this blog definitely is rooted in an intention for creativity.

On that note, the daily doodles are still going strong...  


This week, I also did a fun project in preparation for my yoga teacher training program that starts this Thursday.  The assignment was to make four Valentines: one to my childhood self, one to the formative moments of my life, one to my future self, and finally one to the entire world.  I had such a blast putting the Valentines together - it felt so good to dive into an art project again!  For one whole day, I plopped myself in a spare room in Meg and Mike's office and just went for it... full on crazy creative Mally-mode!! Glue all over my hands, and of course all over my hair (somehow I always end up with something in my hair!), little pieces of paper all over the place, destroyed magazines strewn around my little work space.  It was really fun :)

I think I'll keep the first three Valentines for my eyes only - but here is my Valentine for world...


On Thursday I'm off to Bali for one month of yoga with my Shakti sisters!  I am beyond excited.  And beyond ready.  

I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the blog during this next month... I am sort of feeling the need to completely unplug for the month.  But I also may end up feeling super creative and ready to share.  I'm just not sure yet.   

So my plan is not to plan :) but to just let it happen as it happens!  So you may hear from me next Sunday, or you may have to wait until mid-March!  <3