Blessing #42: Meditation on Intention

"The power of intention to bless is not some utopian fantasy; it can be shown factually to effect concrete and transformative action.  There is a famous experiment in mediation - for a certain number of days, some years ago, a group of people made a circle around the city of Washington DC, and meditated continually.  Gathered unknown to itself within this circle of loving kindness, Washington changed.  The statistics for that period in the city showed a remarkable and unprecedented decrease in violence and crime. 

We have no idea the effect we actually have on one another.  This is where blessing can acheive so much.  Blessing as powerful and positive intention can transform situations and people.  The force of blessing must be even more powerful when we consider how the intention of blessing corresponds with the deepest desire of reality for creativity, healing, and wholesomeness.  Blessing has pure agency because it animates on the deepest threshold between being and becoming; it mines the territories of memory to awaken and draw forth possibilities we cannot even begin to imagine!"