Leaving On A jet Plane

Well its a new year and I'm off to Thailand in a few hours.  My flight leaves at 7am from Logan and I'll be traveling for 24+ hours.  Yeesh.  But then I'll be in Thailand!! The pre-trip anticipation has been pretty epic... and exhausting... and emotional.  But hopefully that means I'll sleep like a wee little babe on my flights :)  

Thank you to all my friends and family for being so supporting and amazing this year.  2013 was a hard one, but I'm riding the wave into a new year that promises to be full of adventure.  


So on to the blessing... what a beautiful one this week.  Relationships... love... partnership... sharing... all things I value very highly in my life... things I want, things I've had.  Initially, I jumped to this being about a relationship with a life partner - the kind where romance is involved.  But as I re-read the words, and spent time with loved ones, and celebrated the arrival of a new year, I decided to choose to read it with a more open definition of relationship.  Friends.  Family.  Soulmates.  Partners.  Boyfriends.  Girlfriends.  Spouses.  They're all in there. 

I don't have a 'real' art project this week - my body, brain, and heart have been occupied by other things.  But, thanks to Jamie, I do have some photographs of people I have relationships with.  People I love, and people who love me.  Jamie, being the amazing friend that she is, bought me a beautiful scarf for my travels and then had a whole people in the community put their love and energy into the material.  

I'm wearing the scarf right now.  It feels like a big hug. <3 

My plan is to continue with the blog as best I can while I'm gone, it will all depend on internet connection and such -- I make no promises, but I'll do my best!  Thank you all for reading and being a part of this project with me -- I can't wait to see how this whole thing evolves while I'm adventuring. 

"There are certain things that can happen to us only in solitude; and every life needs a rhythm of solitude in order to experience this. However, the experience of self-discovery, psychological integration, and spiritual growth can only happen to us when our desire draws us out of our shells and toward the precarious and life-giving sanctuary of another heart."

I'm off to the world of solitude, to explore my own heart ... but its a beautiful thing to know that I will have bits and pieces of so many other loving hearts with me every step of the way.  <3