The Self You Bring Along

View from The Pavilion on the Boston Waterfront

I'm a bit late this time around, sorry folks.  But lucky for you, I'm not feeling particularly wordy, so it'll be short and sweet this week! 

I have some big traveling coming up in 2014, so it was exciting to read this blessing.  I am so ready for this adventure.  Mind you, I'm also completely terrified.  But mostly ready.  And f*cking excited.  

(I don't think I've used the f-word yet in the blog so I felt the need to asterisk it)

My painting this week was inspired by the blessing, thoughts about my upcoming traveling, past adventures, and some solo dates I took myself on this weekend...


"When you travel, you find yourself alone in a different way.  More attentive now to the self you bring along, your more subtle eye watching you abroad; and how what meets you touches that part of the heart that lies low at home."