Blessing #16: A Meditation on Callings

"The great law of life is: Be yourself.  Though this axiom sounds simple, it is often a difficult task.  To be yourself, you have to learn how to become who you were dreamed to be.  Each person has a unique destiny.  To be born is to be chosen.  There is something special that each of us has to do in the world.  If someone else could do it, they would be here and not us.  One of the fascinating questions is to decipher what one's destiny is. 

At the heart of each destiny is hidden a unique life calling.  What is it you are called to do? In old-fashioned language: What is your vocation in life?  When you find that you are doing what you love, what you were brought here to do, it makes for a rich and contented life.  You have come into rhythm with your longing.  Your work and action emerge naturally; you don't have to force yourself.  Your energy is immediate.  Your passion is clear and creative.  A new calling can open the door into the house of vision and belonging.  You feel at home in your life, heart and hearth are one."