Courage is Asking for Help

Mt. Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH


Courage... what is courage? 


Courage is this band and what they do...  



"Know that you are not alone and that this darkness has purpose; gradually it will school your eyes to find the one gift your life requires hidden within this night-corner."


Courage is my friend Caity telling me without hesitation that she knows what she wants to do with her life: she wants to dance! 

"A new confidence will come alive to urge you toward higher ground."


Courage is artist Andrew Bird and his eloquence and honesty when discussing his own uncertainty in both songwriting and life...

"Sometimes I joke that I'd sooner write a song about writing a love song than tread the well-worn path of the love song itself. ... This new song speak to that resistance, in a sense.  It begins by testifying how I have the heart of a skeptic - in the key of A major - that I don't believe that everything happens for a reason, or that there is one true love meant for each of us.  

Then the song moves into a different key - C major - and syas that's all fine and good, but raises the question, how and why did I find you then among the multitudes? You turned this skeptic into a love-song-writing fool, penning choruses with 'baby' as the refrain.  'God help us.' " 

(To read the full article and listen to remarkable rough drafts of Bird's music, click here!

"When one voice commands your whole heart, and it is raven dark, steady yourself and see that it is your own thinking that darkens your world.  Search and You will find a diamond-thought of light." 


Courage is my friend, Marinda and her new friend Carmen... 

"Close your eyes, gather all the kindling about your heart to create one spark.  That is all you need to nourish the flame that will cleanse the dark of its weight of festered fear." 


Courage is speaking the truth.  Courage is taking risks.  Courage is moving forward.  Courage is saying no.  Courage is saying yes.  Courage is standing up.  Courage is singing loud.  Courage is living outside the box.  Courage is living inside the box.  

Courage is asking for help.  Courage is asking for help.

I'm going to say that one more time... 'cause everything is better in 3s!

Courage is asking for help. 


I am going to be traveling to Bali this February for a monthlong 500hr yoga teacher training program called Shakti Initiation.   

~Courage is taking risks~ 

This unique, all-female program is all about diving inward to expand outward ~ learning about yourself so that you can learn about others ~ teaching yourself so that you can teach others.  We will be looking at yoga through the eyes of the Divine Feminine, the empowered female, the goddess.

 ~Courage is moving forward~

Upon my return next spring, I am going to donate my time to the YWCA in Central Square where I will offer free weekly classes in yoga and meditation to women who have lived or are currently living in domestic abuse environments.

~Courage is standing up~ 

But I can't make all of this happen without help.  The program tuition, plus the cost of flights, traveler's health insurance, and a temporary visa will come to well over $5,000.

~Courage is asking for help~

My art project this week is my Indiegogo campaign.  I am asking for your help! 



Tomorrow is my birthday, so I ask that instead of buying me a gift, a drink, or a meal, that you please click here to see how you can get involved and help me get to Bali ~ help me gain the knowledge and tools to give back in a truly meaningful way.