Wholesome Words


I spent the past four days in my family's version of heaven ~ Jaffrey, New Hampshire.  For the first time in who knows how long, my brother and sister and I slept in the same bedroom - no kids, no significant others, no guests - just us sibbies (that's Smith for siblings).  


Thinking this week about what it means to be a true leader, it was really special to get to spend the latter half of the week with my family.  In their own way, each member of my family embodies the qualities of the leader O'Donahue writes of.

The phrase from the blessing that kept coming to my mind was the following:

"May you know the wisdom of deep listening, 

The healing of wholesome words, 

The encouragement of the appreciative gaze, 

The decorum of held dignity, 

The springtime edge of the bleak question. 

I can always count on my family; they are always willing to listen, ready to offer advice, and able to ask the hard questions (and then are ready with a hug when the hard questions are a little too hard).  So that's where my art project this week came from.  It's also a bit of a throwback to my art project from blessing #7 ~ no one ever said I couldn't recycle my own art! =D