Blessing #14: A Blessing for Absence

 "May you know that absence is

alive with hidden presence, 

that nothing is ever lost or forgotten. 


May the absences in your life

grow full of eternal echo. 


May you sense around you

the secret Elsewhere,  

where the presences

that have left you dwell. 


May you be generous in

your embrace of loss. 


May the sore well of grief turn

into a seamless flow of presence. 


May your compassion reach out

to the ones we never hear from. 


May you have the courage

to speak for the excluded ones. 


May you become the gracious and

passionate subject of your own life. 


May you not disrespect your mystery

through brittle words or false belonging. 


May you be embraced by God

in whom dawn and twilight are one. 


May your longing inhabit its dreams

within the Great Belonging."