Keepin' It Light

humor-failure-funny (20).jpg

Aaah failure. 

It's something everyone in the entire world has experienced at some point in their lives. 

(Except maybe the folks at Pixar.  I went to see Monsters University recently, and I just don't know how they manage to hit it out of the park every single time.  So good.)

Anyways... back to the matter at hand... failure.  It can be a pretty heavy subject.  Especially in matters of the heart.  And my heart's been feeling pretty heavy lately as it has grappled with failure.  In fact, my whole body has felt pretty heavy these days.  Maybe that's just the heat though.  And man has it been hot. 

So with all that heaviness, all that weight (whether heat induced or otherwise), I felt the need to lighten things up this week.   So I asked google to show me all the "funny fails" it could find.  Though the majority of the stuff I found was either really awful, or wildly inappropriate, I did find the photo above and this gem:  


All joking aside, O'Donahue hits the nail on the head with this one, I think. 

Failure sucks. 

It sheds a light on things that your ego ( ego...) would so much rather keep in the dark.  But in reality, experiencing failure is a blessing.  Though all the good stuff may be buried underneath an avalanche of negative feelings, it is there... and eventually the snow melts and all that good stuff gets to flourish!  

I love that I'm using a snow analogy during the worst heat wave ever. 

A number of years ago, I started making construction paper cards based around this little bird character and the rather mundane adventures that he goes on.  My little bird is a pretty low key kinda guy; I imagine he has a really dry sense of humor, and he might be one of those people who you can never tell if they're being sarcastic or not.  Often he finds himself in sticky situations, but he's quite resourceful, and generally things turn out well for him.

This week is my little bird's inaugural visit to the blog.  I'm sure he'll be back many more times before the year is up.

So here's a story about a little bird and his blocks...  


So keep on building!  Keep on failing!  And who knows, you might find something unexpectedly awesome amidst the rubble!


PS... As I was working on my project over the past couple of days, I remembered this absolutely amazing video that my brother made a while back when he was living in Hermosa Beach, California.  So going along with the theme of keepin' it light, I thought I'd include it in the blog. 

If you are in the mood to giggle, then you should totally watch this...