Roses and Roars


When I was 10 years old (give or take a few years), all I wanted for my birthday was a rose bush.  That's it.  No dolls, no rollerblades, no candy... just a rose bush.  I don't remember where the idea came from initially, but in the months leading up to my birthday, my desire for a rose bush completely consumed me.  I remember very clearly and deliberately saying the words "I want a rose bush for my birthday" over and over again to be sure that my parents understood just how desperately I wanted one.  

I'm not sure if they just didn't think I was serious, or if they knew that there was no way a rose bush would survive our backyard... but for whatever reason, my special day came and went without a rose bush.  I must have been totally traumatized by my rose-bush-less birthday, because I don't really even remember what happened next.  My disappointment must have been pretty obvious though, because eventually a rose bush was planted in the backyard! 

For a long time, the bush just sat there, a pathetic little shrub.  And of course, I knew absolutely nothing about taking care of roses, so I just let Mother Nature do the work for me.  Years later, I was eating breakfast and looked out the window and there it was!  A rose just beginning to open! 

The photograph above was taken by my Dad earlier this week... Since its first flowering, there has been one, maybe two blossoms on my rose bush each year.  After every winter my Dad and I worry that the poor little bush has finally met its end, but every spring a new flower blooms.  The winters may be long, but spring always comes, and my rose bush just keeps on keepin' on.

"Somewhere, out at the edges, the night is turning and the waves of darkness begin to brighten the shore of dawn."

This week's blessing felt a bit like a pre-football game pep talk to me... in all the right ways.  The repetition of the words "I arise today" got me all pumped up and growly.  Yes, growly.  I wanted to stomp my foot on the ground and claim this land in the name of Mally!  I ARISE TODAY!  ROAR! 

I could definitely use a pre-game pep talk every day.  They should make an alarm clock that wakes you up with snippits from famous coach speeches or something.

Actually that would be horrible.  I think I'll just stick to my soothing harp sounds.

My art project this week is a combination of that growly feeling, plus imagining the morning in O'Donahue's blessing is happening within my own body.

"The heavy dark falls back to earth and the freed air goes wild with light, the heart fills with fresh, bright breath and thoughts stir to give birth to color.