Calling All Artists!


This week, I invited friends, family, acquaintances and blog readers to be the artist... to move beyond whatever is holding back the juicy, creative awesomeness that we all have inside, to let go and just MAKE SOMETHING!  It was so fun logging into my email every day and finding new art in my inbox!  Thank you all so much for being a part of this group experiment!


Here's what you made... 


-Meghan Chiampa (


A promise for tomorrow
which lifts the sinking heart
Sometimes elusive
A prayer


Extending Branches   -Melissa Clarke


Rain Dance

Every drop is a prism for your light to pass through,
Every puddle, the stage where the raindrops dance
Which early in the morning you stumble on by chance
And your graceful slim recovery, it raises quite the splash,
But you find you really like it, and you're wishin' it would last,
Then you're splashing out the twirlings of some mad puddle jumper dance.

-Michael Loveridge


Tiny Sunday Sketch   -Jamie Meditz


One of my guest artists this week wrote this in their email to me:

"My censor says don't send this, but I'm going to anyway."

That simple admission of fear and simultaneous letting go inspired me this week just as much as Jon O'Donahue's incredible words.  I knew then that if I was going to ask my friends to be brave, that I should be brave to.  So this week I decided to write a song.  Originally I was just going to record it and post the audio, but today, someone told me to be fearless - so that's what I'm doing! 


Thank you so much to everyone who participated.  I feel truly honored to be able to share your art in my tiny little bloggy world.

If ever you're feeling inspired by any of the blessings I post here and want to share creations, somethings, anythings, please feel free to send them my way - I would love to have guest artists as often as possible!