I really mean it!


This week's blessing forced me to step outside of my own little bubble and remember that there is an entire world out there, full of people struggling, succeeding, laughing, crying, smiling, singing, screaming, dancing and LIVING.  I'm grateful to John O'Donahue for getting me out of my own head.


I woke up early Tuesday morning feeling sad. 

There are lots of windows in my new apartment, which is great during the day time, but it means I wake up when the sun rises, and for those of you who don't know, I'm not much of a morning person...  So there I was, lying in an enormous sunspot at 5:43 in the morning, feeling sad.  After taking some deep breaths and meditating for a little while, my mind started to wander to the hilarious children I get to spend my days with.  They approach the world with such pure and honest excitement.  They are curious about everything! 

Oh to be five years old again!

That's when I decided to look at this week's blessing, this prayer for peace, through their eyes. 


I clumsily took some footage of the kids, pretending like I had a real plan.  But I didn't.  It really didn't come together until yesterday when my cousin, Meryl, came over and we came up with the second layer of the project.


While walking around Camberville collecting the final pieces of the puzzle, taking photographs, making new friends, being silly, we met a beautiful gardener named Patty.  We asked her to hold a tiny cardboard heart in one hand, and give the peace sign with the other.  Before we took her picture, she said: "Hold on one moment, if I hold them this way, they may not know that I really mean it.... and I really mean it."


Here is my prayer for peace...


Photos by

Mally Smith & Meryl Ayres


"All You Need is Love" by The Beatles

"PeaceTrain" by Cat Stevens

Special thanks to Mathias for the early morning brainstorming phone call,

and to Jamie for the emergency headphone lending and the musical inspiration