Brand New Skin


Babies babies babies!!!  Well really just one baby.

My friends Bri and Leon welcomed their bundle of awesomeness into the world this week - Silas!  Little Silas!  A beautiful nugget of joy!

"Nowhere does the silence of the infinite lean so intensely as around the form of a newly born infant. ... To be born is to be chosen.  To be created and come to birth is to be blessed."


I am visiting my friend Carly in Chicago this weekend.  Yesterday, we spent the afternoon meandering around Hyde Park, soaking up the beautiful springiness of the day, wandering in and out of shops.  There was a little fair going on on the University of Chicago campus, complete with bouncy houses, a mechanical bull, and these hilarious, giant plastic bubbles that little kids were running around inside of.  They were kind of like a human hamster wheel, except plastic, and not stuck in one place.  I did a little googling and found out its called zorbing.  What will they think of next?!


Eventually, we found ourselves in a wonderful maze of a bookstore.

I love bookstores; the smell of all the new books, the texture of the bindings, the quiet reverence of the patrons.  I have a hard time leaving without buying something.  So of course, I bought a book; a collection of short stories by Ramona Ausubel called "A Guide To Being Born".  Mostly, I just loved the title and the artwork on the cover - it made me think of the newness of Silas and the newness of parenthood for Bri and Leon.

When I sent a congratulatory text to the new parents, Bri responded by saying "He has my heart!!"  I can almost HEAR her big bright smile through the words! 

At first, I read the text as I assume she meant it to be read; "I love him so much!!"  But as I thought about it more, the words changed... I imagined they were said as if she meant something like "He has my nose!" or "He has Leon's chin!"

So this week's art project (a poem of sorts) is inspired by little Silas and his two amazing parents.


He Has My Heart

by Mally Smith ~ for the Godwin Family


He has my heart & he has yours too.

It's big and red and already full to the brim,

with plenty of nooks & crannies to hold all his memories.

Hidden pathways yet to be discovered,

a labyrinth of love already woven through the muscle,

with dangling threads yet to weave.


He has your eyes & he has mine too.

They'll take it all in, turn it upside down, flip it on it's side, and imagine.

They'll find faces he remembers

from a past that may have been his, or yours, or mine.

The stars of our Californian sky already shine

amidst those infinite pools possibility.


He has my hands & he has yours too.

They once built houses, tilled earth, and splattered color,

painting a canvas, raking at soil and shaping wood.

Yet his skin is all brand new.  Unbroken.  Ready.

He'll find his own strings to pull, his own drums to beat. 

His calluses will come.


His hands. 

His eyes. 

His heart.

They touch my heart

& they touch yours too.


Welcome to the world, Silas - I can't wait to meet you someday!