To my gardeners


All week long, thanks to the first blessing, I've had the song "Tiny Light" by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals stuck in my head.  The chorus is freakishly catchy, and of course its the only part of the song that I can remember... "I see a tiny light like a flashbulb sparkle in the night.  I see a tiny light telling everyone to hold on tight." 

I suppose it could be much worse though.


Shortly after I posted the first blessing last week, I went on a walk with my dear friend Dan Blakeslee, a supremely talented artist and musician and just an all around magical human being.  Dan has the playful, contagious energy of a child - he is so in love with life and all that it has to offer, the good and the bad.  I like to think of him as our resident Tom Bombadil

As we walked, I picked up a branch covered in flowers off the ground and stuck it in my hair, trying desperately to remind my "shy inner light" to keep on keepin' on. 

Heading back home, I found myself behind a mother and her 2 year old little girl.  "No sweetie, we can't pick flowers from other people's yards."  I could see a temper tantrum brewing underneath the girl's tiny pout.  Without thinking I pulled the branch of flowers out of my hair and handed it to her.  Her smile was so real and so honest. 

"The gift of the world is our first blessing."


I have to be honest, the first few days of the week, I could feel my brain frantically racing around with the words of the first blessing, trying to come up with something really good to make.  I think the reality of what I'm doing finally set it... not only am I going to have to actually make something every week, but that something is going to be put up online for the entire world to look at, take in, and judge.  Yikes. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that my audience isn't really the entire world.  In fact, I'm sure that most (if not all) of the folks who are reading this right now are my friends and will love me whether I post a complete piece of shit art project or the Mona Lisa.  But still, its pretty scary putting yourself out there like this.  

So I knew I wanted to paint something this time around.  Normally when I sit down with a paintbrush in my hand, I have no plan and end up doodling, making some sort of abstract configuration of lots of bright colors and funky designs.  So when the idea for this week's art project came to me, I got pretty nervous. 

I had a plan.  A very distinct, detailed plan - it couldn't have been more unlike my standard doodles.

I forced myself to stick to the plan, even though I panicked pretty much every time I had to make a decision about what step to take next.  I wish I had a video of me painting into the wee hours of the night on Friday, I probably looked like a crazy person!  I was either super flustered, pacing around the apartment, huffing and puffing, or completely focused, silent and barely moving.  I held my paintbrushes in my mouth as I switched back and forth from brush to brush, which lead to me accidentally painting my hair grey, only adding to the hilarity of the scene. 

But I did it!  And here it is, the fruit of my labors, my very first blessing art project... and I am really proud of it. 


I dedicate this painting to all my personal gardeners; to those remarkable people who tend to "the quiet light that shines" in my heart.  It may be dimmer and shyer than ever these days, but its still there, and I am so fortunate to have such incredible people surrounding me, helping me remember that.


Stay tuned for a new blessing tomorrow!