Like A Room Without a Roof

Sometimes I'm amazed at the synchronicity of the blessings... I was just writing last week about loneliness, and then what comes up next?  A blessing for loneliness.  Bam.  I like to imagine John O'Donahue's up in heaven somewhere hanging out with Pop-Pop, Ga-Ga, Grandpa and maybe even my family dogs Oscar and Mia, talking about how he's making it all happen for me down here.  Thanks, Johnny. 


When I think about loneliness in my life right now, I think about the feeling of being alone in a crowd.  I think about feeling alone in your own head.  I think about choosing loneliness over love.  I think about what loneliness sounds like.  And I think about fear.


So, for those of you who don't know, I'm just a few short weeks away from leaving on an epic trip to southeast Asia.  I'm traveling mostly on my own for 3+ months (yikes)... first to Thailand, then to Singapore, and Indonesia, and finally Japan.

Some days you could talk to me about all of it, and I'll seem super confident, ready to jump on the plane and head into the unknown.  Other days, I am much more anxious; I preemptively miss my friends and family here, I fret about all the things that could potentially go wrong while I'm off on my own in some foreign country.  

I go back and forth from one extreme to the other pretty quickly.  Its rather exhausting actually, haha. 

In the past few weeks I've thought a lot about my choice to go to Thailand first - a country where I quite literally know no one.  On top of that, I chose to stay there for an entire month.  Yeesh.  Talk about diving in head first, eh!?  And like I said, some days my excitement for solitude is overflowing.  Other days, I'm scared shitless. 

This week, in preparation for those days in Thailand when I'm feeling lonely, I enlisted the help of some of my magnificent friends to create a short film to keep me company on my travels.  Inspired by my Pharrell Williams' (aka my future husband's) music video, this happy little diddy was such a blast to put together.

I hope it makes you smile :)

Thanks to the amazing ladies who broke it down like PROS!  Thanks to Ryan and Jamie for their UNREAL technical skillzzz!  Thanks to our new friend Greg for joining in the PARTAAY!  And thanks to Pharrell Williams for writing pretty much the greatest song ever and then making an even more amazing video to go along with it.  

Pharrell, baby, if you're reading this... call me! *wink*