The Lovers The Dreamers and Me

Two months ago, I started an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to help fund the 500hr yoga teacher training program that I'm going to be participating in next February.  A few days before I started the campaign, I decided that I was going to shoot for the moon and ask friends and family to help me with not only the full tuition price for the training, but also with travel expenses, visas, etc.  I figured if I don't ask for it, I definitely wont get it.  So I aimed high, assuming that I would only come out with around half of what I was asking for. 

This past Thursday, was the last day of the campaign.... and I reached my goal!!  I am stil very much in shock at the outpouring of generosity and love I have experienced over the past two months, not only from those who donated, but from folks who shared my story, spoke words of encouragement, and cheered me on.

I feel so held by my community - so loved - so supported.  

There really aren't words to express just how grateful I am.  

I can't wait to get to Bali.  And I can't believe its really happening!  You all made it happen!  You helped me take a dream and make it into a reality.  Wow.   

Last week, I wrote about how, these days, my home lies in the hearts of the people in my life, it lies in my community.  This week, diving even deeper into thinking about my home with the help of O'Donahue's blessing, plus reflecting on the gift you all have given me with this fundraising campaign, it just brings it all full circle - YOU ARE MY HOME <3

"May this home be a lucky place, where the graces your life desires always find the pathway to your door."

I feel very fumble-y with my words right now - I am just so f*cking grateful!

My art project this week is along the same lines as last week's.  I feel like Sesame Street and The Muppets just completely embody the warm, fuzzy, home-y feelings I'm feeling right now.  So instead of trying to force myself down a different road, I'm just embracing it!  (Also, I think the fact that I dressed as The Rainbow Connection for Halloween this year probably has something to do with it, hehe) 

So here's my virtual hug to all of you ~ thank you!

"May this home be a place of discovery, where the possibilities that sleep in the clay of your soul can emerge to deepen and refine your vision for all that is yet to come to birth."