Blessing #28: A Blessing for the Home

"May this house shelter your life.

When you come in home here,  

May all the weight of the world

Fall from your shoulder. 


May your heart be tranquil here,  

Blessed by peace the world cannot give. 


May this home be a lucky place, 

Where the graces your life desires

Always find the pathway to your door. 


May nothing destructive

Ever cross your threshold. 


May this be a safe place

Full of understanding and acceptance, 

Where you can be as you are, 

Without the need of any mask

Of pretense or image. 


May this home be a place of discovery, 

Where the possibilities that sleep

In the clay of your soul can emerge

To deepen and refine your vision

For all that is yet to come to birth. 


May it be a house of courage, 

Where healing and growth are loved, 

Where dignity and forgiveness prevail; 

A home where patience of spirit is prized, 

And the sight of the destination is never lost

Though the journey be difficult and slow. 

May there be great delight around this hearth. 

May it be a house of welcome

For the broken and diminished. 


May you have the eyes to see

That no visitor arrives without a gift

And no guest leaves without a blessing."