Dance on A Moonbeam


Things have felt heavy lately - heavy in life, heavy in the blog.  And when things feel heavy, where else does one turn, but to Sesame Street?

As I was contemplating the blessing this week, I found myself humming a familiar melody... And so came my art project for the week:


Major thanks to Tom, Danielle and Meryl for being hilarious and awesome.  I walked into T&D's apartment with Meryl yesterday afternoon and announced that they were all going to be a part of my art project, even though Danielle had a gig to get to and Meryl and Tom were ready to get working on the project we had actually prepared for, and none of them actually knew the song.  

Way to go team of awesomeness.  I love you guys :)


Ya know what I love about this song... Ernie still goes on all the adventures he wants to go on - he dances on a moonbeam for goodness sake!  Go Ernie!  

"When a place to belong is assured, the adventure of growth can begin with great promise.  Home is where the heart is.  It stands for the sure center where individual life is shaped and from where it journeys forth."

Home isn't a trap; it isn't that rut you've been stuck in, or that negative pattern you can't shake... that's something else.  Home is that place from which you can leap into the vast unknown!

For the past 8 months or so, the space where I keep all my stuff hasn't really felt like home, and for a lot of that time I was quite sad about that.  But the blessing this week offered me a beautiful reminder that though it may be a cliche, home is where the heart is.  

My experience of home has been evolving quite a bit lately - so maybe home isn't where I lay my head at night anymore, but somewhere different.  Its a difficult change for me to accept - I so loved my home before.  But its a change that is very much happening, and the only thing to do is embrace it.  

Over the past few days, I've been thinking that maybe right now, my home is actually this quirky community of strange and beautiful artists (both near and far) that I am a part of who have helped me to build a magnificent ladder up into the oblivion.  Up and up I climb - skipping a rung here and there - but always aware of the hands holding the ladder steady way down below.  

I may be a little different than Ernie in the end, maybe I do want to live on the moon... I don't really know yet.  But I do know that it doesn't matter where I go or how long I'm gone for, I'll always have a home.