The Urgency To Become Free


A few years ago, when the first film installment of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows came out, I bought my ticket early and waited in line to get a good seat at the midnight showing in Davis Square.  Though I strongly feel that the books were way *way* better than the movies (way better), I still really enjoyed the movies ... I'm a pretty big Harry Potter fan, if you couldn't tell.

But there was one way that the movie far exceeded my expectations.   

 *WARNING: if you haven't read the books/watched the movies, and want to, skip the next paragraph and the video after*

The Tale of the Three Brothers was a beautifully dark story woven into the final book of the series.  And the movie version not only didn't disappoint, but it was, in my opinion, a really stunning representation of the words..

I think this short film was very much present with me this week as I thought about the blessing, about death, and about life.  

For my art project this week, I used a combination of cray-pas, pencil and watercolors.  I haven't painted with watercolors in a long time... I forgot how much I love it.   

"Yet when destiny draws you into these spaces of poverty, and your heart stays generous until some door opens into the light, you are quietly befriending your death; so that you will have no need to fear when your time comes to turn and leave. 

That the silent presence of your death would call your life to attention, wake you up to how scarce your time is and to the urgency to become free and equal to the call of your destiny."